Ghana woman holding child wearing mask

During the COVID-19 pandemic, what do you hold most dear? Clean water, nutritious food, hygienic supplies or protective equipment? Many in our human family around the world do not have access to these basic rights, but their desire for safety and good health echoes our own.

The social and economic impacts of this pandemic are devastating, and vulnerable communities are experiencing the worst of the virus. To protect ourselves and all members of our human family from the pandemic, we must make sure that everyone has the means to stay safe and healthy. 

Help lead the way in preventing the spread of this disease:

  • You can help support refugees and others on the move living in crowded settlements with little access to clean water and soap, space to social distance and other basic needs.  
  • You can help ensure hungry families receive their daily bread and support to continue farming and making a living. 

How can you help? Urge your members of Congress to provide no less than $20 billion in funding for the international response to prevent, prepare and respond to COVID-19 around the world. 

Why now? Congress is back in DC this week and plans to work on the next COVID-19 emergency aid package. As negotiations ramp up, your voice is needed so your members of Congress hear from their voters.

When we unite our voices together, we not only prevent the spread of this virus, but also famine, death and disaster.

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