I am Global Hunger CRSU

Violence and conflict are now the leading causes of forced displacement & food insecurity worldwide. 

At a time of great need, it is critical that the United States remains a global leader not only supporting our human family suffering around the world but working to prevent the conflict and violence that cause so much suffering.

You can help lead the way to a solution. 

How? By calling on your Senators to pass the Global Fragility Act.

Fragility, conflict, and violence are multi-dimensional and therefore require a comprehensive solution.

The Global Fragility Act works to help the United States implement a strategy for preventing violent conflict by coordinating activities in priority countries and regions around the world, and strengthening the abilities of local governments and civil society to address the root causes of conflict.

Your voice will make a difference in addressing one of the root causes of hunger. Send an email to your Senators today to help advance the cause of peace. 

**Advocacy Tip: Personalized messages are more effective. Be sure to add who you are and why you care about this issue before pressing "send message."