Trafficking prevention work in Lebanon with refugees

Turn on the Light to Modern-Day Slavery. Human trafficking is the third most profitable organized crime, following the drugs and weapons trades, with close to $150 billion in illegal annual revenue. Human traffickers prey on easy targets - disenfranchised women and children, migrant workers, indigenous people, and populations who are displaced or severely impoverished. Human trafficking is most prevalent in societies where wide economic and social disparity is the norm. 55% of forced labor victims and 98% of sex trafficking victims are women.

Turn on the Light by Speaking Out

Right now, your voice is needed to protect and important mechanism that helps combat forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking - it's called the Bureau of International Labor Affairs within the Department of Labor (DOL/ILAB). The US has a number of mechanisms to combat and reduce the risk of trafficking, one of which is ILAB. The Administration and the House of Representatives have proposed cutting the part of ILAB that funds programming to reduce forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking. Please urge Congress to protect ILAB and fund it at the current Senate proposed level. Speaking out makes a difference! Just last year, in 2016, ILAB was threatened for elimination, but thanks to Catholics and others of goodwill, it was saved! Your voice made the difference.

Your voice is needed again to remind Congress that ILAB is critical and that the US must be a global leader in combatting forced labor and trafficking.