Portrait of father and baby
Millions of families have fled Syria into Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. Photo Courtesy of Caritas Staff

Your gifts provide wide-ranging care and support to families affected by crises in Iraq and Syria.

In Syria, as conflict worsened in 2020—especially the recent crisis in the Northwest, millions of displaced families need our support. Syrian refugees continue to flee their country, after 11 years of conflict.

Together, with Caritas and our local partners, Catholic Relief Services is supporting hundreds of thousands of families who have been displaced—all amidst the global health crisis, supporting healthcare facilities and sharing prevention messages.

Together, with Caritas and our local partners across the Middle East region, Catholic Relief Services is supporting hundreds of thousands of families who have been displaced or who are returning home. With needs compounded by a global health crisis, we have expanded our support for healthcare facilities and prevention.

In Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, your donation provides shelter assistance, medical care, living supplies and essential social services for the most vulnerable refugee families. A priority for CRS is ensuring education, care, and counseling for uprooted children so that they can catch up on lost years of education and have a chance at a brighter future.

Across Southern Europe, CRS has worked closely with our Catholic and local partners to help tens of thousands of refugees who have been granted asylum, to integrate into society—and establish language, work, community, stability and success.  Your gifts support many of these individuals and families who risked it all to find safe refuge, become active contributors and productive residents in countries where they received asylum.

More than 4 million Iraqis have returned home after the ISIS conflict, and are picking up the pieces to rebuild their homes and lives.

CRS and our Caritas partners are with them throughout this long road to recovery, including efforts to facilitate conflict resolution and build trust and peace among communities and families from different regions.

With your support, CRS is helping families to rebuild their homes; strengthen skills for employment and entrepreneurial opportunities; repair damaged school building and provide training and support teachers and parents so that children can resume their education.

You help strengthen peaceful communities. Your donation provides displaced—and returning—Iraqi families with critical support, especially during this difficult time of the pandemic.

Please donate to Iraqi families and Syrian refugees, and pray for the families affected or uprooted by violence and adversity. Your generous gift will strengthen people’s ability to have safety, opportunity and the means to heal and recover.