A statue of the Virgin Mary holding the body of Jesus on her lap
“Today it would be good to stop a moment and think about Our Lady’s pain and sorrows and how she bore them, with strength, with tears… it was truly a heart destroyed with sorrow.” –Pope Francis

Lent is an appropriate time to reflect on the sorrows of the Virgin Mary and to experience the life, Passion and death of Jesus through her eyes. Mary’s heart was pierced by the suffering of her Son, and as a compassionate Mother, she gathers our tears and consoles us by pointing out the definitive victory in Christ.

As we contemplate Our Lady of Sorrows, our faith transforms into compassion, bringing us closer to our sisters and brothers who are wounded and forced to bear heavy crosses. Mary's faith and strength help us reflect on our call to serve and accompany the members of our global family who suffer the most.

Pray with us and join our mission to build a more peaceful and just world where all people can live with dignity.

*Photo by Christy Zuccarini/CRS