Man stands in front of a boat in the desert looking at the sky
Fisherman Benito Aima holds his fishing nets next to his boat. It used to be moored in several feet of water, but the former Lake Poopo in Bolivia has completely dried up. Photo by Phil Laubner/CRS

Fishermen and farmers are losing their livelihoods. Families are losing their homes. Entire communities are losing their land and being forced to find new places and new ways to live.

As climate change pushes millions of people into poverty, our faith calls us to push back. 

Your voice—your talents and gifts—your prayers and support are needed to help our sisters and brothers vulnerable to climate change and, ultimately, to end global poverty.

Take the pledge and join a movement of people working together to create this transformative change. When you sign up, you will receive a free, downloadable prayer for climate change so you can pray for our global family right away!

This is your moment and your movement to build a world that benefits all people and upholds human dignity—our planet and global family depend on it.