A group of students during lunchtime at a school in Mali.
Free lunch programs offered at schools help children attend class, maintain good health and perform well academically.

Millions of our global family members are suffering because of forces beyond their control. Your gift can change that. You can help address immediate food needs and support long-term solutions to poverty and global hunger.

When you give:

  • You help provide emergency assistance after a natural disaster or during conflicts. 
  • You help promote health services and nutrition programs for parents and new mothers. 
  • You help farmers adapt to climate change and young people access trainings and employment opportunities.

Make a difference in our world to end poverty and hunger and help all people thrive by filling out the secure form to make a one-time donation. Together, we can ensure healthy and bright futures for millions of our sisters and brothers around the world.


*Photo by Harandane Dicko for CRS