Donate to Rohingya Refugees

Nearly 1 million Rohingya have fled and are staying in informal settlements because refugee settlements are at full capacity.

Through the monsoon and cyclone season, Rohingya refugees remain vulnerable in the camps. High winds and heavy rainfall can escalate their vulnerability due to the fragile living conditions. Even now, staff are on watch as Tropical Cyclone Bulbul makes its way towards land.

But your gift helps provide shelter and relief. Donate to Rohingya refugees and help the many Rohingya who have fled Myanmar to Bangladesh.

Families arrive hungry, exhausted and depleted of any resources. The human needsemotional and physicalare immense. An estimated 50% of the refugees are women and children. The situationcomplicated by the monsoon seasonhas already impacted food availability and prices, even for the local population.

While efforts have been made to improve existing sites and resettle families in better areas, congestion still increases risk of fire and disease. Staff and refugees are work together to prevent the risk of fire, floods, landslides and outbreaks of water-borne diseasesespecially during these coming months of cyclone season and heavy rainfall. Security and protection issues, including gender-based violence, are also ongoing challenges.

Catholic Relief Services is supporting Caritas Bangladesh to provide food rations and build toilets, water pumps and bathing spaces, currently reaching 225,000 refugees.

Your gift helps families build safe shelter and develop new and improved camp sites needed to address the needs of host communities as they deal with the influx of refugees and prepare for the impending monsoons and flood season.

The Rohingya urgently need your help today. Donate to Rohingya refugees and help our brothers and sisters with your gift today.