Somalian woman holds her daughter at a health clinic
People in Somalia are experiencing an extreme hunger crisis. Faiza took her daughter to a health center to be treated for malnutrition. Her baby is one of 5 million children in Somalia in need of humanitarian aid. Photo by Omar Faruk for CRS

Thank you for praying for our global family members being affected by the global food crisis.

Communities across the world are experiencing life-threatening levels of hunger and malnutrition on an unprecedented scale.

Families are struggling to meet their food needs due to the compound effects of conflict, climate change, COVID-19 and rising food costs. In the Horn of Africa alone, millions of people face the threat of starvation. Multiple agencies warn that food aid must be immediately scaled up to prevent loss of life and livelihoods.

Your help is needed so our sisters and brothers who are most vulnerable to hunger can access lifesaving food aid. 

Your gift will help address immediate food needs and the root causes of hunger. Make a generous donation today and join the movement to build a world in which all members of our global family can access enough nutritious food to thrive.