Woman from Ethiopia leads donkeys carry food
Catholic Relief Services is providing food supplies to communities n drought-stricken parts of Ethiopia, where nearly 12 million people are in need of emergency assistance. Photo by Will Baxter/CRS




Millions of our sisters and brothers around the world are suffering because of forces beyond their control. Your gift can change that.  

In East Africa, people are bracing for an unprecedented fifth consecutive failed rainy season as they endure the worst drought in 40 years. Communities are experiencing life-threatening levels of hunger, and in Somalia, 1.4 million children under age 5 face acute malnutrition.  

Across the Dry Corridor in Central America, farmers struggle with high temperatures, unpredictable rainfall and increasingly powerful weather events—affecting their harvests and ability to provide for their families. 

Your gift can provide immediate support and long-term solutions to our global family members experiencing these crises. It can help families access nutritious food. It can help farmers adapt to climate change. And it can help communities overcome extreme poverty.  

Thank you for making a difference for our sisters and brothers experiencing the greatest need!