Tsunami hits Indonesia

Yet another tsunami has hit Indonesia triggered by Krakatoa's volcano eruption.

Just months after the earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi, families in West Java and southern Sumatra now face the same devastation this December morning. The number of deaths has surpassed 400 and is likely that the number of lives lost will rise as reports of family members missing come in.

Complementing the government's rapid search and rescue efforts, Catholic Relief Services has mobilized a team to reach the families affected by this new disaster. Along with local partners, CRS will identify the greatest needs for providing emergency relief and assistance.

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Located on the Ring of Fire, Indonesia has been affected by many disasters this last year. Your sisters and brothers in Lombok, Sulawesi and now Java and Sumatra need you now. When you give, you provide important emergency assistance for the islands of Indonesia. Please give generously.

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Photo by Yusuf Wahil