Donate to Hurricane Dorian

On August 24, Hurricane Dorian slammed into the Bahamas. Your help brings relief.

After 36 hours of battering the island, Hurricane Dorian left families homeless and virtually destroyed the land. Rains and storm surge 18-23 feet above sea level forced evacuation and initially affected relief efforts and communication. Water and electricity are slowly returning to the island of Grand Bahama, giving health clinics the ability to begin operation.

Your gift makes a difference today in the Caribbean.

Catholic Relief Services—along with local partners—is working quickly to assess immediate needs. Donations help bring relief, in the form of food, emergency shelter, and safe water, to affected families.

Families affected by Hurricane Dorian urgently need your help. Please fill out the donation form to make a much-needed gift.

Would you like to support long-term and help communities be prepared for natural disaster like these? Give a recurring donation.