When you donate to Catholic Relief Services, you help us respond to people in need around the world.

Two major earthquakes recently struck Morocco and then Afghanistan. Violence is endangering lives in the Holy Land and the world is facing a food crisis. But your gift helps communities prepare for emergencies and recover from them.

Catholic Relief Services supports the immediate efforts of its teams and local partners like Caritas to help people with urgent relief as well as the long-term recovery.

Your gifts allow us to immediately and efficiently respond to these earthquakes, typhoons in the Philippines, refugees in Bangladesh, the war in Ukraine—and many other crises outside the United States. You provide critical support to so many people, including those affected by disasters, violent conflicts and other hardships.

From hurricanes and floods to earthquakes and conflicts, CRS has been on the front lines of disaster response for decades. Your gift helps by providing food, shelter, clean water and medical care—before, during and long after emergencies fade from the spotlight.

Your support is critical for this lifesaving work—sometimes even before crises are reported by the media.

Your donation can help provide:

•    Food and water supplies to families.
•    Shelter for those who have lost their homes.
•    Medical care and other essential services to those injured or sick.
•    Education and training programs to help communities recover and build resilience.

Please donate to help your sisters and brothers in need. Make a generous unrestricted gift today.

All amounts are in USD