Donate on Giving Tuesday

When you give, you provide health, food, education and a future. You give hope.

Donate today for #GivingTuesday.

Today, your gift has the power to transform lives around the worldall year long. You can give back on Giving Tuesday. Donate now to change someone's life.

Parents in Honduras, and around the world, watch helplessly as their children fail to grow and thrive. These parents' only desire is to make sure their children grow up healthy and strong with opportunities and a future. Just like you and me.

Giving Tuesday is a day that shows the power of people coming together even when we can’t physically be together.

Give a gift today and put smiles on faces, create connection with families and cross distances.

When you give, you help fill the bellies of young children so they can study hard in school. Your donations help mothers and babies around the world receive nutritional care and health exams. You help create thriving communities in just, peaceful and vibrant societies and flourishing landscapes.

Giving Tuesday comes just once a year. But your gift lasts all year long. When you give, it makes a lifesaving difference in Honduras and all around the world, giving hope and opportunity.

Donate today and help our brothers and sisters in need.