5.4 million Venezuelans have fled to neighboring countries.

Your brothers and sisters urgently need your help—and even more so since the  pandemic.

The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela escalated as political and economic instability left hundreds of thousands of families without access to food, medical care, critical supplies and social services. With the average monthly income now as low as $3, more than 87 percent of the population lives in poverty. And, a medicine shortage and collapsed health infrastructure have led to a rise in diseases, like Zika, thought to have been eradicated.

The crisis has led to the largest displacement of people in Latin American history: 4.5 million Venezuelans have fled to access the most basic goods and services. Many of those fleeing are without shelter and sleep on the streets or in parks.

With a recent policy change in the U.S., needs have only increased for families fleeing Venezuela and seeking shelter in Guatemala and Mexico.

In partnership with our local Catholic partners, CRS is working to help Venezuela by supporting Venezuelans in their country and across the region where many have a dire need for emergency food and health support, especially for children, mothers and the elderly.

In Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad and Brazil, CRS is working with local partners to help Venezuelans and provide a range of support, including food, safe shelter, medical care, legal assistance, livelihoods support, protection, children’s education and counseling.

Help Venezuela and make a generous gift today to our Latin America and Caribbean emergency fund by completing the form.