Colombian Refugees

December 18 is International Migrants Day.

December 21 is the deadline for Congress to finalize the budget.

At this crucial time, let's ensure that Congress opposes cuts to foreign aid and funds life-saving programs to reduce hunger, provide shelter and create opportunities for the future.

Thousands of advocates from university communities and beyond have been raising their voices in support of critical funding for migrants and refugees overseas. Over the summer, the House and Senate appropriations committees, who determine US foreign aid spending levels, passed their respective bills out of committee.  However, the final figures for this life-saving aid have yet to be determined, and Congress has until December 21st to pass a final bill.

As Congress evaluates the final spending figures for US foreign aid, we must continue to lift our voices in support of this vital assistance.  It helps migrants and refugees around the world meet their basic needs and addresses root causes of migration, such as violence, hunger and lack of economic opportunity.

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