Image of children running through grass with words One Planet One Family over top

As the new Congress gets settled, ensure your members know you care about protecting our planet and global family.  

Conflict, climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and rising costs are pushing millions of people into poverty. Climate change is leading to increased hunger, mass displacement and conflict. Global hunger is increasing at an alarming rate as families struggle to meet their food needs and entire communities experience life-threatening levels of hunger and malnutrition on an unprecedented scale.  

Your voice can make a difference. Urge your Congress members to prioritize international development and humanitarian assistance so millions of our sisters and brothers can access the opportunities they need to escape poverty and thrive. 

In appreciation for taking this important action, we will send you a free Lenten calendar with daily opportunities to encounter our global family through prayer, fasting and almsgiving!   

Thank you for taking action today!