Woman from Nepal wearing mask for COVID-19 protection
By ensuring that vaccines are available to everyone around the world, more people like Salik Ram, an electronics mechanic in Nepal, will be able to reopen their workshops and earn an income again.

To end the pandemic anywhere, we must end it everywhere. Urge Congress to support the equitable global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. 

COVID-19 vaccines have provided the world with relief and hope, but inequitable vaccine distribution threatens global health and economic security. At the G7 Summit, world leaders pledged to donate 1 billion doses to low- and middle-income countries, far below the 11 billion doses needed to fully vaccinate the global population. 

The U.S. must lead in pushing for additional global vaccine donations as well as investments in supplies, health systems and manufacturing capacity.  

It is our moral responsibility to respond to the needs of our sisters and brothers, especially those most vulnerable to the virus. Lift your voice today to protect the health and safety of our global family! 

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