Nigerian woman and son

Our united voices help to promote a better world for those most vulnerable!

More people have been forcibly displaced from their homes than ever. The spread of COVID-19 make refugees even more vulnerable to poverty and disease.

The U.S. can and must be a global leader in the effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Urge Congress to allocate at least $20 billion in emergency funds to respond to COVID-19 overseas and to ensure the highest funding levels possible for poverty-reducing international humanitarian and development assistance in the FY22 budget. 

Supporting foreign aid means families will have access to needs like clean water, food, medical care and shelter, but also of building more just and peaceful societies to help end the leading cause of forced displacement—conflict.

This foreign aid funding is essential to protecting and creating opportunities for refugees and all people to not only survive, but thrive. Lift your voice!

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