Three boys from El Salvador hike
Milton, Osmín and Omar are among the many young people who have been trained by Catholic Relief Services in water-smart agriculture practices to improve the land and increase farm yields in El Salvador.

The House of Representatives just passed their fiscal year 2022 budget bill without reducing any poverty-reducing foreign aid! As the Senate begins their deliberations on next year's appropriations, your voice is needed. Take action by urging your members of Congress to ensure the highest levels of funding in the 2022 federal budget that helps prevent and end global hunger and malnutrition. 

One in 9 people around the world are hungry, and COVID-19 is increasing the threat of food insecurity. Foreign aid helps communities access food in emergencies. It provides school meals to children so they have energy to concentrate and learn. It also helps farmers affected by changing climates learn more effective and sustainable ways to farm and earn a living. 

We are called to embrace the needs of our sisters and brothers as our own and to take action to uphold the dignity of each person. Humanitarian and development assistance is essential to ensure all people can not only survive but thrive.

Lift your voice today! 

**Tip: Personalizing your message by sharing who you are and why you care about ending global hunger makes a greater impact!