Woman holding her baby on her arms
CRS works with partners in Ukraine and across the region to support people to meet their essential needs and long-term solutions for those impacted by the war in Ukraine.

The lives and safety of millions of our sisters and brothers around the world are at stake. In the face of global food insecurity, conflict and other humanitarian crises, our faith calls us to act quickly and decisively to avoid further suffering. 

The Senate has passed a supplemental package that includes $9.2 billion to address dire humanitarian needs around the globe, including in places like Ukraine, Gaza, Sudan, and Central America. We need your help to ensure the House also passes a supplemental package that includes $9.2 billion in humanitarian aid to respond to urgent needs around the world.  

  • The war in Ukraine continues to increase humanitarian needs including food, safe shelter, continued education for children and trauma healing. 
  • In Gaza, children lack food and water, mothers cannot feed their babies and families lack the most basic shelter. 
  • Conflict and food insecurity in places like Sudan, the Sahel and East Africa have caused extreme hardship for millions of people who are struggling to access basic necessities like food, clean water and health care. 

Send a message to your representative asking them to support a supplemental package that includes $9.2 billion for vital humanitarian assistance.  

As people of faith, we have a moral obligation to uphold human dignity and support our sisters and brothers in need around the world. Humanitarian assistance can provide stability for people in times of conflict and economic stress. Raise your voice to ensure our global family members can lead safe and dignified lives! 

*Photo by Vladimir Gerasimov for CRS