Man from Philippines plants
Through a Catholic Relief Services program funded by U.S. international assistance, city government staff like Renato are planting mangrove trees that protect coastal communities in the Philippines from storm surges and typhoons. Photo by Benny Manser/CRS

Lift your voice for our one planet, one family! Advocate for increased funding to help our sisters and brothers thrive in the face of climate change.

Rising global temperatures are disrupting the lives of millions of people around the world. Extreme droughts, flooding, erratic rain and more frequent and severe storms are destroying crops and livelihoods and increasing hunger, conflict and displacement.  

Tell Congress to address the impact of climate change by providing robust funding for poverty-reducing international assistance programs in the fiscal year 2025 budget, especially for the Green Climate Fund and Development Assistance.  

The Green Climate Fund and Development Assistance support:

  • Farmers with training to increase their harvests despite severe or erratic weather.
  • Communities vulnerable to storms or flooding to prepare emergency plans and systems.
  • Locally led sustainable landscape and biodiversity initiatives that restore and protect the land for the people that reside there.

As people of faith, we are called to support our global family members most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Thank you for taking action today to build a better world!

Did you know? Research shows that constituents’ voices have significant influence on congressional members’ decision-making, especially when communications are personalized—like sharing a story or demonstrating the impact an issue will have in the district or state.  Don’t forget to personalize your message!