Woman from Malawi looks at camera
Fantina participated in the Farm Bill’s Food for Peace program that helped her expand her farming business and provide food for her family. Photo by Michael Stulman/CRS

Your voice is urgently needed! At a time of rising global hunger, tell Congress you care about children and families around the world experiencing severe hunger and malnutrition. 

Food for Peace is an international hunger-reducing program in the Farm Bill that provides lifesaving food aid during emergencies. In addition, its long-term development programs address the root causes of hunger and help communities lift themselves out of poverty.  

But Food for Peace programs that prevent hunger are in jeopardy. 

Congress is considering a bill called the American Farmers Feed the World Act that would effectively end Food for Peace long-term development programs, reaching 3 million fewer people with support. We need your help to protect Food for Peace programs so that families can access the resources they need to build thriving futures. 

Tell lawmakers to oppose the American Farmers Feed the World Act and protect international hunger-reducing programs. 

As people of faith, we are called to advocate on behalf of our global family members in need. This is your moment to act. You can make a lasting impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. Research shows that constituents’ voices have significant influence on congressional members’ decision-making, especially when communications are personalized—like sharing a story or demonstrating the impact an issue will have in the district or state.