I am Climate Change

Climate change changes everything.

Climate change and poverty are closely intertwined. The people who suffer most from the disruption of natural systems are our brothers and sisters living in the poorest countries. Facing the loss of crops, livestock, shelter and income, the challenges are immense.

Climate change is changing our response.

We are working tirelessly with communities to support their efforts to adapt to new realities and face the future with greater resilience.

As Catholics and Americans, it’s time to address global warming and poverty. Together, let’s take concrete actions that could stop this disastrous trajectory and achieve lasting results.

Urge your legislators to address climate change this Congress and share why you care about this issue to make your message more impactful!

**Pro tip: Add a line or two to the beginning of the message before pressing "SUBMIT". Adding who you are and why you care about the issue makes your message more impactful and effective!