Children sit on the ground around a bowl of food and smile at the camera
Children in Malawi eat a school lunch provided through a Catholic Relief Services program and funded by the U.S. government’s McGovern Dole Food for Education project aimed at improving children’s education and health. Photo by Harandane Dicko for CRS

Your voice is needed! The House is considering fiscal year 2023 funding bills in the coming weeks. Now is the time to act!

Email your legislators to ask them to protect funding in the budget for international programs that reduce poverty, keep communities safe and help families survive and thrive.

International humanitarian and development assistance is especially needed now as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and conflict push millions of people into poverty. This lifesaving aid will ensure:

•    Those experiencing food insecurity receive food aid.
•    Farmers can continue growing food in the face of worsening droughts.
•    Long-term solutions are developed to address conflict, hunger and poverty.

As a country and a society of global solidarity, we can lead in responding to the needs of our sisters and brothers and prevent further suffering.

Thank you for raising your voice at this critical time!