Girl in Sierra Leone at School eating

All children should be able to grow and thrive. 

Global hunger and malnutrition prevent children across the globe from reaching their God-given potential. With COVID-19, flooding and locusts in Africa, famine is a very real threat. Millions of children suffer from not having enough to eat. Their development is impacted severely due to this trauma and stress.

COVID-19 makes supporting and caring for vulnerable children even more critical. And your voice can help make a difference. 

How? By urging your Senators to support and pass the Global Child Thrive Act (S. 2715). Its counterpart, H.R. 4864 in the House, recently passed in the full House of Representatives. The Senate version needs your support to be prioritized by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The Global Child Thrive Act will mandate adding Early Childhood Development activities - like safe play spaces, exploring colors, and teaching parents about proper nutrition for children - into U.S. government-funded international programs focused on children. Simple changes like these will make a big difference, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Your voice will make a difference. Send an email to your Senators today to help children worldwide. 

**Advocacy Tip: Personalized messages are more effective. Be sure to add who you are and why you care about this issue before pressing "send message."